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All legend plates are 1/16" thick engraved plastic.

Step 1: Select Tag Diameter

Step 1: Enter Text, select Font & Font Size
Note, font sizes may be smaller than selected to fit the text on the legend plate -  in the event the text would not fit.)

Sample images of fonts:

Line 1: (Max. Font Size)
Line 2: (Max. Font Size)
Line 3: (Max. Font Size)
Line 4: (Max. Font Size)
Line 5: (Max. Font Size)
Line 6: (Max. Font Size)
Click for available special characters

Tip - Leave unused lines blank if they are not needed.

Step2: Hole Placement
All holes are 1/8" in Diameter and have 0.1" of material between the hole and the edge of the tag

Step 3: Select Color

Step 4: Preview Your Legend Plate
(Order with confidence - our preview will show you exactly what your legend plate will look like.)

(Your label image will open in a new window)

Step 5: Add to your Shopping Cart

Number of Tags: $3.25 for 0.75 to 1.40"
$4.15 for 1.50" to 2.40"
$5.05 for 2.50" to 3.40"
$6.10 for 3.50" to 4.40"
$7.25 for 4.50" and up