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roteck.com's referral program

A large percentage of our sales are generated from our customers who tell people they know about our web site.  Rather than spending money on general web advertising, we decided to set up a referral program to repay those who help us generate sales.  This way, our advertising dollars go to the people who deserve it the most:  our customers.

How Does the Program Work?

Simply put, when you tell someone about our web site make sure you give them your referral code.  When they purchase anything (except gift certificates) at roteck.com and enter in your referral code, you'll get $2.00 added to a gift certificate for you to use on your next roteck.com purchase!

So, if "Jane" tells four friends about roteck.com, and they all place orders using Jane's referral code, Jane gets $8.00 off her next order.

The fine print:

  • NO LIMITS on how much your gift certificate can accumulate to.

  • Every order placed is eligible for a referral.  Therefore, if you tell someone about roteck.com, AND they enter in your referral code every time they order, you'll get $2.00 added to your gift certificate with EVERY order they place.

  • The $2.00 will not be added to your gift certificate until the referrer's order has been successfully processed.  (Usually same or next business day.)

  • Your gift certificate is subject to the terms and conditions of our gift certificates: https://www.roteck.com/gc_pur.asp - with the exception of the "Gift certificates will expire one year from date of issue"

  • There is no expiration date on your referral gift certificate.  Roteck.com reserves the right to implement an expiration date in the future.

  • Referral gift certificates can only be used by the person who set up the referral account.  They are not transferable.

  • Referral gift certificates must be entered at the time of your order.  Discounts cannot be applied after the fact.

  • In order to create a referral account, you must have placed an order with roteck.com online.  (People who have not ordered with us online must place an online order before they can get a referral code.)

  • Referrals will only be valid for orders placed online.  If someone forgets, doesn't have or can't remember a proper referral code to enter during checkout, NO referral will be given for that order.

  • You cannot refer yourself. Attempts to cheat the system is this or any other way may result in the removal or your ability to participate in the referral program.

  • roteck.com reserves the right to:  change the above terms and conditions from time to time; change the amount of the referral; or to terminate the referral program at any time.

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