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Personalize your:  Jar Labels (3 1/8" tall by 2 1/4" wide).

Select where you want your image centered (click on the sample label to select)
Scroll down to enter text and select/upload image

Image on Top Third
Text does not OverLap

Image on Middle Third
Lines 1-6 Above Image
Lines 7-12 Below Image

Image on Bottom Third
Text does not Overlap

Image on Top Third
Text can Overlap Image

Image Centered on Label
Text can Overlap Image

Image on Bottom Third
Text can Overlap Image

Step 1: Select a Material Type (all materials have a permanent adhesive)

Laminated White Paper Laminated Clear(Waterproof*)

Step 2: Enter Text, select Color, select Font & Font Size
(Tip: you do not need to fill in all the lines, start with line1 and our system will auto-center your text.
Note, font sizes may be smaller than selected to fit the text on the label.)

Sample images of fonts:



Font Height
Line 1:
Line 2:
Line 3:
Line 4:
Line 5:
Line 6:
Line 7:
Line 8:
Line 9:
Line 10:
Line 11:
Line 12:
Click for available special characters

Step 3: Image Selection

Or choose from the following:
Choose an Image Category:
(You have chosen a text only label - no image can be used on this label.)
Image Fade: Fade %
Tips: If you are not putting text over the image, then No Fade is recommended. If you are putting text over the image, then then the darker the image (like a picture) use more fade - 80% or 90%.

Step 4: Preview Your Label
(Order with confidence - our preview will show you exactly what your label will look like.)

(Your label image will open in a new window)

Step 5: Add to your Shopping Cart

There are 9 labels per sheet.
Number of Sheets:

Quantity Discount Pricing*:

1-2 Sheets: $2.25/sheet
11-99 Sheets: $1.80/sheet
3-5 Sheets: $2.15/sheet
100-199 Sheets: $1.58/sheet
6-10 Sheets: $2.03/sheet
200+ Sheets: $1.35/sheet
*Applies to TOTAL custom order. Example: If you order 5 sheets of custom squares and 5 sheets of custom circles, you pay just $2.03 per sheet!